Precious Wilson is an award-winning Singer, Song-writer, Speaker, #1 International Best-Selling Author. She is the Founder of  www.TheVocalTouch.com  – The Voice and Artist Development Company.

Precious was born in Jamaica, is one of the pioneers of the UK Black music revolution of the 70’s and 80’s. Her family moved to England when she was seven. At the age of 14, her mother decided to send her to study in the US, in Hartford Connecticut to live with my aunt and my cousin, where her passion for singing was further ignited, whilst there she joined the local church choir.

Just over a year later armed with a recording contract, her international professional career as the lead singer with the soul disco band called ERUPTION was launched in the UK.


The band moved to Germany where Eruption wisely distinguished themselves early on by bringing her distinctive and powerful voice front and center, leading the vocalist to worldwide acclaim and fame. After a string of international hits with the pioneering group, including the 1977 disco classic

“I Can’t Stand The Rain,” Ms. Wilson left Eruption to pursue a solo career that yielded a series of dance-pop hits that dabbled in funk, R&B, electro and high-energy dance throughout much of the ’80s. In addition to working with the legendary Frank Farian


Precious continued her success with the title track to the blockbuster movie starring MICHEAL DOUGLAS, KATHLEEN TURNER and DANNY De VITO, entitled: “THE JEWEL OF THE NILE” written by the team of Britten and Lyle who wrote Tina Turner’s smash hit “What’s Love Got TO Do”.

She toured the former USSR on the invitation of the Soviet Cultural Ministry and was the first black UK based female artiste to have undertaken such an extensive tour in the then USSR.

Her musical legacy is that of being one of the pioneers of the UK Black music revolution of the late 70’s and 80’s, alongside such artists as Junior Giscombe, Jazzy B (Soul 2 Soul), Heatwave, Loose Ends, and Eddy Grant.

Live performances, guest appearances, vocal contribution and collaborations, include shows in the Albert Hall, Monte Carlo, the Kremlin, a Royal Variety Show in the presence of HRH QUEEN ELIZABETH of the UK, a member of the SAUDI ROYAL FAMILY, James Brown, Boney M, Michael Bolton, Little Richard, Sir Cliff Richard, Sir Paul McCartney, and Sir Elton John.

She is a true champion of singers. Everything she does, is because she believes that you need to be original and develop Your Signature Sound, so that you stand out from the completion.


The creation of her company www.TheVocalTouch.com is the result of her desire to inspire others, and share her passion, knowledge and experience. It’s her way to give back, by helping others to have an opportunity to bring out their own star quality.


Her programs and courses are for all you Aspiring Singers. Precious shares her best trade secrets, insights, and information. She gives you the tools to help you find and develop your voice, as she guides you through the process of developing your own Singing Career Success as an artist.


Her unique, timeless and instantly identifiable vocal style and flavour, continues to excite the masses, as she actively tours the world today, representing the group Eruption and as a solo star in her own right.


Eruption formed: 1974 in London
Genre: R&B, Pop, Disco
Active: ‘70s, ‘80s
Original members of Eruption:
Precious Wilson (Lead Singer 1974-79)
Leslie Johnson (lead singer 1974-75)
Greg Perrineau (Guitar)
Morgan Perrineau (bass)
Horacio Mckoy (Keyboards)
Gerry Williams(Keyboards)
Eric Kingsley (drums)
Additional Singers:
Kim Davis (Lead Singer 1980)
Jane Jochen (Lead Singer 1980-85)


Eruption was formed in 1974 in London by vocalist Precious Wilson, Lead Guitarist Greg Perrineau, Bassist Morgan Perrineau, Keyboardist Gerry Williams, and Drummer Eric Kingsley.

Wilson was born in Jamaica and she moved with her family to Great Britain at the age of seven. The other members of the band came from different parts of the Caribbean and Africa.

In 1975, their winning of an RCA soul search contest in England brought them a record deal and their first single “let me take your back in time” (1976) figured prominently in the soul charts.

In 1977, Boney M.’s producer Frank Farian was introduced to Eruption by his talent scout Hans-Jorg Mayer, who then took them under his wing and signed the group to Germany-based Hansa records. Their 1978 cover of “I can’t stand the rain” was a big hit internationally; reaching number five in Britain and number 18 in the U.S. (it was a U.S. top 40 entry). The success was sealed with “One way ticket,” which went to number nine in the U.K. the following year.

Precious Wilson left the group in 1979 to pursue a solo career and was replaced by singer Kim Davis. The group went on to recorded their third album fight fight fight. Shortly after, tragedy hit when Kim Davis was killed in a car accident. The band decided to continue and singer Jane Jochen stepped in.  A new recording, a cover of Del Shannon’s “runaway” was released in December 1980 and peaked at #21 in the German Charts.

After a compilation album in the spring of 1981 and the single release of “you (you are my soul)” from fight fight fight, the band signed to Ralph Siegel’s Jupiter Records.

Eruption featuring Jane Jochen. 1981 single “in a 1000 years”

After the final single “Where do I begin” from the album “Our way” in 1985, the group disbanded and the rest of the group went their separate ways in the mid-’80s.

In 1994 Farian released the CD ‘Eruption Gold’ which actually only featured seven Eruption titles (all were remixed), all other 13 tracks were all precious wilson solo tracks, from her solo albums.

Precious Wilson is the official and legal owner of the trade mark Eruption. She is the only member of the original line-up, who is still active.

Though successful as a solo artist, Precious also tours under the name Eruption with her new group, as well as promoting her solo and projects.

The Precious Wilson & Eruption Discography

Discography Precious Wilson – Solo:

1979 Hold On I’m Coming

1979 Cry To Me

1980 Funky Dancer

We Are On The Race Track (Album) 1980

1. We Are On The Race Track
2. Cry To Me
3. Stop Running
4. Stay By My Side
5. You Ain’t Got Love
6. If I Loved You Less
7. Together Forever
8. Mr Pilot Man
9. Funky Dancer
10. Killing Me Softly


I Need You You’re A Strong Man

All Coloured In Love ( Album) / Red Light (LP) 1982

1. Red Light
2. I Don’t Know
3. Why Don’t I Run Away
4. Kisuaheli
5. You Haven’t Heard the Last of Me
6. Raising My Family
7. All Coloured In Love
8. The Night The Music Died
9. Video
10. Every Day Will Be Like A Holiday
11. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
12. I Need You

Funky Fingers (Album) 1983

River Deep Mountain 1984

I’ll Be Your Friend Jive 1985

Precious Wilson (Album) Jive 1986

1. I’ll Be Your Friend
2. Love Can’t Wait
3. She Don’t Really Wanna Know
4. The Letter
5. Nice Girls Don’t Last
6. State Of Relations
7. The Jewel Of The Nile
8. New Moon In The Summer
9. Don’t Take It Away

1987 Only The Strong Survive (Stock, Atkin & Waterman Production)

1990 I May Be Right 4 U

Precious Wilson also appears on:

1978 Supermax (Album) Fly With Me

1979 Boney M – Oceans Of Fantasy / Let It All Be Music

1985 The Jewel Of The Nile (Music from The 20th Century Fox Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1986 Charity Album: The Anti-Heroin Project – It’s A Live-In World

1989 Cliff Richard – “The Kendrick Collection” Album

1992 Spacer

1992 21st Century Jesus – (Featured Vocal with Messiah) Peace And Tranquillity

1993 Elton John – “Duets for One” (Album)


Eruption and Boney M were both featured in the 1979 German movie “Disco Fever”
Discography Eruption:

1977 Eruption Album

”I Can’t Stand The Rain” Lead Vocals Precious Wilso

”Movin’” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson

”I’ll Take You There” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson

”Computer Love” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson

”The Way We Were” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson

”Do You Know What It Feels Like”

”Be Yourself”

”I Can’t Carry On” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson

”Wayward Love” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson

”Party, Party…” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson

1978 Leave a Light Album

1.”Leave A Light (I’ll Keep A Light In My Window)” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson
2.”Sweet Side” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson
3.”Up And Away” Vocals Lead Precious Wilson
4.”Left Me In The Rain” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson
5.”Valley Of The Dolls” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson
6.”One Way Ticket” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson
7.”Hey There Lonely Girl”
8.”No Good Searching”
9.”Fire Is Gone” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson

1980 Fight Fight Fight

1983 Our Way

1994 Gold 20 Superhits

1.”I Can’t Stand The Rain” (Remix ‘94)
2.”One Way Ticket” (Remix ‘94)
3.”Cry To Me” – Precious Wilson
4.”We Are On The Race Track” – Precious Wilson
5.”Valley Of The Dolls”
6.”Hold On I’m Coming” – Precious Wilson
7.”Go Johnnie Go”
8.”Raising To My Family” – Precious Wilson
9.”I Don’t Know” – Precious Wilson
10.”Leave A Light” Vocals Precious Wilson
11.”The Way We Were” Vocals Precious Wilson
12.”Funky Fingers (Medley)” – Precious Wilson
13.”Stay By My Side” – Precious Wilson
14.”If I Loved You Less” – Precious Wilson
15.”All Coloured In Love” – Precious Wilson
16.”Mr. Pilot Man” – Precious Wilson
17.”Everyday Will Be Like A Holiday” – Precious Wilson
18.”Party, Party…” Vocals Precious Wilson
19.”The Night The Music Died” – Precious Wilson
20.”Together Forever” – Precious Wilson

•1995 I Can’t Stand The Rain Album

1.”I Can’t Stand The Rain” Vocals Precious Wilson
3.”Go Johnnie Go”
4.”We Gotta Talk About It”
5.”Leave A Light” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson
6.”Good Good Feeling”
7.”One Way Ticket” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson
8.”Be Yourself”
9.”Party, Party…” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson
10.”Stand Up And Sing Hallellujah”
11.”It’s Alright”
12.”Hey There Lonely Girl”
13.”Computer Love” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson
14.”Left Me In The Rain” Lead vocals Precious Wilson and E. Kingsley
15.”Fire Is Gone” Lead Vocals Precious Wilson
16.”Come Back To Me”


•”Let Me Take You Back In Time” (1976) Vocals Precious Wilson and (Lindel) Leslie Johnson.
•”I Can’t Stand The Rain” / “Be Yourself” (1977)
•”Party Party” (1978)
•”Leave A Light” (1978)
•”One Way Ticket” / “Left Me In The Rain” (1979)
•”Sweet Side” (1979)
•”Go Johnnie Go” / “Call My Name” (1980)
•”Runaway” / “Good Good Feeling” (1980)
•”You (You Are My Soul)” (1981)
•”Up And Away” (1982)
•”In A Thousand Years” / “We Don’t Need Nobody” (1983)
•”I Can’t Help Myself” / “It’s The Same Old Song” (1983)
•”Joy To The World” / “Time” (1983)
•”Where Do I Begin” (1984)
•”I Can’t Stand The Rain ‘88” (1988)
•”One Way Ticket ‘94”